Archaeological Survey Database

The National Monuments Service interactive map/search facility that provides access to all records of the Archaeological Survey of Ireland (ASI) stored on its national database, commonly known as the Sites and Monuments Record (SMR).

Click here to access the database.

It is important to note that only records that are precisely located are visible on the map canvas and that each record is represented as a red point or dot: this equates with the known approximate centre of the record and is not indicative of its geographic extent. If you are interested in obtaining a list of all records for a particular area it is recommended that you search the database either by county and/or townland as this will include both the located and unlocated records.

Records of monuments that are scheduled for inclusion in the next issue of the statutory “Record of Monuments and Places” are surrounded by a zone (highlighted on the map in a light pink-coloured wash delimited by a thin black line). These zones are not set to be visible as a default on the browser but may be turned on/off use the “Layer control” tool (see below). The zones do not define the exact extent of the monuments but rather are intended to identify them for the purposes of notification under Section 12 of the National Monuments Act (1930-2004): each is referred to as a “zone of notification”.