Ministerial Consent - National Monuments

Ministerial Consent for works at/near a National Monument

Section 14 of the National Monuments Act 1930 (as amended) requires that the consent of the Minister is required for archaeological works at or near a national monument in the ownership or guardianship of the Minister or a local authority or to which a preservation order applies.  The Minister is required to consult with the Director of the National Museum of Ireland in relation to such an application for consent.

NMS 5-06 Consent Application Form 323.5 KB
NMS 5-06 Iarratas ar Thoilliú 328 KB
NMS 5A-06 Consents Checklist 316.5 KB
NMS 5B-06 Iarratas ar Uimhir Chláraithe 316.5 KB