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GIS Web Services Guide

You can access the API ArcGIS REST web services by clicking on the links on

(Screenshot of Archaeology survey website page indicating the ArcGIS REST Services Directory links)

Clicking on the link will take you to the ArcGIS REST Services Directory, where you can copy the Url or API to insert the live service in your ArcMap, ArcPro or QGIS project.

(Screenshot of the ArcGIS REST Services Directory indicating SMR url)

The url highlighted in the screenshot above can be added to a GIS project, this will add all the map server layers to the project

(Screenshot of the ArcGIS REST Services Directory indicating SMR map layers)


ArcGIS REST Web service in ArcGIS Pro

Click “Map” then click “Add Data” then click “Add Data from Path” see screenshot below

Add data from Path - ArcGIS Pro

(Screenshot of add data from path in ArcPro highlighting steps)

This will open the “Add Data From Path” dialogue box (See screenshot below)

Paste layer url/API into it

Add Data From Path Dialog

(Screenshot of add data from path dialogue box in ArcPro)


Further to note if you have successfully added the REST services to your project but they are not visible in your map pane, check the contents pane to see if the visibility tick is grey’ed out (see screenshot below) indicating that a visibility range has been set

(Screenshot of contents pane illustrating greyed out tick)

You can either zoom in to see the data or you can change the “Out beyond (minimum scale)” to none in the layer properties dialogue box (see screenshot below)

Layer Visibility Range Select

(Screenshot of layer properties dialogue box in arc pro indicating the visibility range of the layer)



ArcGIS REST Web service in QGIS

In QGIS click “Layer”, then “Add Layer” then “Add ArcGIS REST Server Layer…” highlighted in screenshot below

Add Layer - QGIS

(Screenshot of add layer in QGIS highlighting steps)

This will open the data source manager select new (see screenshot below)

Data Source Manager

(Screenshot of Data Source manager, ArcREST Server with “new” highlighted)

This will open the “Create a New REST Server Connection” Dialogue box

Give the connection a name and paste in the URL/API like in ArcGIS then click okay (highlighted in screenshot below)

(Screenshot showing “Create a New REST Server Connection” Dialogue box adding url steps)

(Screenshot showing “ArcGIS REST Server” Dialogue box)

Under server connections select the name you just selected in the Create a New REST Server Connection dialogue box, in this instance it is SMR.

Click connect.

(Screenshot showing “ArcGIS REST Server” Dialogue box with a server connection added)

Highlight the layers that you wish to add to your man, in this instance all three layers are selected, then click add.

They should now appear in the layers’ pane on the bottom left of your map space

(Screenshot showing the layers pane)

Alternatively, once you have made the server connection you can add it from the browser pane under “ArcGIS REST services” by just dragging the item down to the layers pane or onto the map space