Reporting possible damage or threat to a wreck

Divers, fishermen, general users of the sea, landowners and the general public have an important role to play in protecting our underwater cultural heritage. The National Monuments Service and the National Museum of Ireland appreciates any information supplied by individuals on known or newly-discovered wreck sites or objects and information gathered in this way can be added to existing files or as new information to the WIID, Wreck Viewer or other relevant archive held by the NMS or National Museum of Ireland.

If you wish to report possible damage to a wreck please contact the National Monuments Service by phoning (01) 8882169 or e-mailing as soon as possible.

By examining information available in our Wreck Viewer and Wreck Inventory of Ireland Database one can check whether a wreck is already known or likely to be legally protected under the National Monuments Acts. If you have any concern or become aware of any threat to a wreck, wreck material or associated objects please contact the National Monuments Service.

If you wish to report damage or threat to a monument/site please refer to the Monument Protection page.